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How Chihuahuas Grow


When longcoat Chis are born they appear to be smoothcoat.  They are blind and weigh only a few ounces.

Faerie Garden Chihuahua FAQ  

Q: Are they yappy little dogs?
A: My Chihuahuas are quiet most of the time.  If there is an exciting event such as a doorbell ringing then they will yap to alert me.

Q: Are longcoat Chihuahuas compatible with children?
A: Yes my longcoat Chihuahuas like people of all ages.  They are compatible with well-behaved children who are respectful of pets. Young children should be instructed to sit on the floor when petting or holding a puppy, and to never chase a 


Q: Do they get along well with cats?
A: Yes they do.  I have a cat who loves dogs and they all get along very well.


Q: When will my puppy be old enough to go home?
A: Most puppies are ready to go home by 8 - 10 weeks.  You need to pick up your puppy by 10 weeks unless you have arranged otherwise in advance.

Q: What size are your Chihuahuas?
A: My Chihuahuas range anywhere from 2-6 lbs at maturity.  Average size is 4 to 5 lbs.  Some people refer to this as "teacup" size.  For 
accuracy I usually refer to expected weight at maturity.  The term "teacup" is not part of the AKC breed standard.

Q: I am not planning to breed so why do Champion bloodlines matter?
A: Champion bloodlines are your assurance of good traits.  A showdog must pass many tests in the showring and must shine above all competitors to win a single point.  To become a champion a dog must win a total of 15 points. A champion can be expected to have excellent temperament, conformation (how it looks,) joints, and overall health.  A champion's descendants are likely to inherit these traits.  Since it usually costs $2000 - $5000 to show a dog to championship, breeders only show their very best dogs.  A dog with many champions in it's pedigree usually represents the finest qualities of its breed.

Q: I changed my mind. Can I get my deposit back?
A: A deposit represents your promise to buy a designated chihuahua, so that chi is no longer available to anyone else.   If you change your mind, you may apply the deposit to another one of my chis during the following two years.  However if a buyer abandons the deposit without contacting us, the deposit is forfeited.

Chihuahua Growth Chart 

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