Feeding your dog a natural diet of raw meat, and some starches, fruits, veggies,
and supplements is by far the healthiest option.  It preserves their teeth,
supports their immune system, and promotes overall health.  On a raw diet it is
not unusual for dogs to live to 20 or more!

Homemade dog food
2 cups meat (lamb, salmon, duck, beef, venison)  I prefer to buy pre-ground raw
meat and bone meal at my local Pet Food Center.  It comes frozen, you could
probably get a local pet supply store to order it for you.  No need to cook the
1 cups cooked gluten free oatmeal, organic sweet potato, squash, or brown rice.
1 raw organic egg
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp probiotics (you can purchase canine probiotics at petsmart or on amazon)
1 tbsp cilantro
1 tbsp parsley
1 tsp virgin olive oil
1 tsp virgin coconut oil
1 tsp black pepper
1 cup fresh diced or ground veggies such as spinach, kale, carrots, dandelion
greens, bell pepper. You can buy them prediced and frozen if it is easier. A few
blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Or use 2 tbsp elderberry
syrup from Kroger, whole foods, Vitamin Shoppe, or Amazon.
Occasional raw milk

There is room for variation in this, I do a slightly different version each time.  
Like with humans it is good to eat a variety of things.  I mix up and freeze a
large batch of this and defrost in small quantities.

If you want to feed kibble here is a list of premium foods.  These are
free of poultry (low quality and a common allergen), corn, wheat, soy,
by-products, BHT preservatives, and dyes - ingredients that signify inferior
quality and that will shorten your pets life, degrade their health and can even
cause serious allergic reactions in pets.  All of the foods below are made with
high quality meats and other ingredients, and important supplements.  We
recommend avoiding foods that are chicken or beef based due to the low quality
of that type of meat when produced by factory farms.   Additionally beef tens to
put weight on pets.  You will probably notice a difference in your pets' coats,
skin, and energy levels within a few weeks.  All of the websites below have a
store locator search engine to help you find a retailer
Ziwipeak (air dried raw) I use this for treats

Taste Of The Wild

Apex Pet Foods www.Apexpetfoods.com

Timberwolf Organics www.timberwolforganics.com

Fromm Four Star www.frommfamily.com

Eagle Pack Holistic Select

Pro Pac Earthborn Holistic

Evangers www.evangersdogfood.com/dog/dry.html

Artemis www.artemiscompany.com

Blue Buffalo www.bluebuff.com

4 Health Puppy or Adult Lamb& Rice/Salmon & Potato

Newman's Own


I feed puppies all they want in a meal 4x a day until 12 weeks, then 3x a day until 4
months, then 2x a day until 6 months.  After that I feed a rationed amount 1x a day
and occasionally fast them.  It is good for adult dogs to get all of the food out of
their system occasionally by missing a meal.  

Small dogs are prone to dental tartar and decay.  Dental problems eventually lead
to heart damage and even brain seizures, so dental care is essential to good health.  
As part of this we highly recommend giving real bones and tendons to your dog.  
These are readily available at pet supply stores and your local grocery store.  They
will keep your dog's teeth clean and provide much needed oral-stimulation.  raw
bones, dried poultry feet, bully sticks, and cow hooves are all good options.

Use the same guidelines that are used for buying dog food when buying treats:
avoid, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, and unnecessary chemicals.   

Here are some other sites with helpful information on nutrition:


Also on the the topic of nutrition, here is a helpful link on determining proper

If an adult dog is at a proper weight, you should be able to feel its ribs easily, and
it should have a defined waist.  Overweight pets are at much greater risk of
health problems.  Being overweight can take years off of your pet's life.  

We also recommend giving your dog purified water or well-water.  The heavy
metals found in city water supplies are very harmful.

We use diatomaceous earth to deworm our dogs.  Dosage is given as 2% of their

I use Guinness Black Label Beer from Dublin for heartworm prevention.
1 tbsp per 10 lbs.  We give every 3 months.  Due to the life cycle of the heartworm
it is overkill to give monthly heartworm prevention, every 2 months is fine.  For
more info on this go to

Additionally avoid feeding canned foods due to the aluminum content.  Aluminum
is very harmful to health particularly brain function.  Canned food absorbs
aluminum from the can during the cooking process.
Instead of canned food I make bone broth as a tasty treat and to support my dogs
immune systems.  Just take leftover beef or poultry bones and cook them with water
on high in the crockpot for 6 hours.  Then remove the bones and refrigerate or

The follow are excellent supplements to give your dog:

Fresh veggies such as kale, spinach, broccolli, carrots, cilantro, parsley, mushrooms,
dandelion greens

extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil

Raw whole milk (raw milk still contains the beneficial antioxidants needed to digest
milk.  Pasturized milk is hard to digest and quickly grows harmful bacteria.

raw eggs with the shell - we use pasture raised eggs

spices such as turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cranberry

probiotics - VERY IMPORTANT.  The health of the gut impacts brain and
immune system function.  Vaccinations destroy gut health.  For more info on
vaccines go to
Dr. Peter Dobias's website here https://peterdobias.

We use holistic nosodes as a much healthier and safer alternative to vaccination.
Vaccines contain highly toxic ingredients that are harmful to your pet's health and
mentality.  If you are not open to seeking holistic care, please consider that vaccines
are good for the life of your pet.  Annual booster shots destroy gut health and
actually WEAKEN immunity while filling vet's pockets.  Nosodes can be purchased
from holistic practitioners.  
Click here to learn more about the science proving that
vaccines cause harm.

Options for lifelong immunization:
We use nosodes:
Our puppies recieve nosodes against common canine illnesses for 3 days in a row at
6 weeks.  At 10 weeks we give them 1 dose of 3-5 nosodes again.  (I include this
when you get a pup).  We do this monthly for 1 year, then every 5 years after that.
Alternately use nosodes then vaccinate:
Our puppies recieve nosodes against common canine illnesses for 3 days in a row at
6 weeks.  At 10 weeks we give them 1 dose of 3-5 nosodes again.  (I include this
when you get a pup).  At 16 weeks we would then vaccinate against distemper and
parvo.  This has been shown to suffice for the pup’s lifetime.  Repeated vaccination
actually can weaken immunity and is very harmful to your pet.  
If vaccinating for rabies:
We get the 3 year rabies vaccine if at all possible at 6 months or older.  Detox

How to detox:
There are several ways to help your dog detox from vaccines – they’ll help rid his
body of unwanted chemicals and side effects, but they won’t interfere with the
vaccines themselves. You’ll want to try these as soon as your dog is vaccinated (don’
t wait for symptoms to appear, start the detox right away).
Vaccines can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut – this community of
bacteria helps your dog manufacture and absorb vitamins and it’s the core of your
dog’s immune system. You never want to damage this delicate community! Adding
probiotics (plus their food, prebiotics) will help restore the delicate balance of
bacteria in the gut. You can buy a pre-made prebiotic/probiotic blend or you can
give your dog some kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi – any fermented food is a great
source of healthy probiotics. Give probiotics twice a day (look for at least 10 billion
CFU and avoid dairy-based probiotics)  Garlic is perfectly safe for your dog in the
right amounts. Garlic contains sulphur, which helps the liver detoxify from heavy
Dark leafy greens like kale, parsley and cilantro can help reduce the buildup of
heavy metals like mercury in the body. Give a half clove garlic per 10 pounds and
add dark leafy greens to the meals daily. Also give a combination turmeric, black
pepper, and olive oil added to their food

Here is a list of holistic minded animal care professionals and vets in the southeast.  
We highly recommend seeking out a holistic practioner for your pet.

Holistic Vet Clinic - Florida

Brenda M. Tobin-Flood, D.Vet.Hom, Cert. C.N. - South Carolina

Dr. Tamara Hebbler DVM - Southern California

Dr. Charles Loops DVM - North Carolina

Dr. Wendell Belfield DVM - Northern California

Dr. Christina Chambreau DVM - Maryland

Dr. Irene Devilliers D. I. HOM - Washington

Dr. Larry Bernstein DVM - Florida

We recommend Young Living Essential Oils and use them for flea and tick
prevention instead of the traditional toxic applications of pesticides.  Essential oils
are also useful in relieving stress, healing hot spots and wounds, removing ticks,
detoxing, cleaning, and much more! To order go to www.youngliving.com and when
ordering put in member number 3904777 to let them know we sent you!
It is important not to use toxic "pet shampoos" that are offered at many
pet stores.  We use Castile soap from Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon,
Trader Joes Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, or this recipe for homemade pet
Natural flea and tick repellents that are essential oil based are also offered by
Mercola and are available on Amazon.com including flea collars, drops, and

Common household air fresheners and cleaners are very harmful to you and your
pet.  They can even put tiny dogs into seizures, even death!  We use essential oils
for air freshening, and natural based detergents and cleaners.  

Vitamin D is critical to your pet's health.  Synthetic vitamins are not well absorbed,
so make sure your dog gets outside for plenty of sunshine and excercise!  Similarly
many dogs eat feces.  This is caused by a vitamin B deficiency where the dog is not
absorbing the synthetic vitamins in the food.  Give fresh foods rich in vitamin B to
help resolve the problem.