Our family resides in the Columbia, South Carolina vicinity, conveniently
located near interstates I-20 and I-77.  Our chihuahuas are part of our daily
lives, sharing our activities, outings, quiet times, and celebrations.  All of our
chis live inside our brick, two-story house, and each one enjoys being held,
petted, and racing around our large fenced-in yard.  As a result, our adult
chis and their pups are happy, confident, and have wonderful temperaments.  
We also have Bonnie, a sweet, 40-lb English Shepherd who loves looking
after our chihuahuas.  We have always shared our home with pets and have
rescued countless pets in need, so we sometimes have one or two foster pets
in our home who are in rehabilitation and awaiting new homes.  We believe
that responsible selective breeding is important to our world in order to
preserve and continue the best of our existing breeds and species.  And I
believe that anyone who breeds pets should do his part to help rescued pets.
Daughter Helen Holbrook is a certified dog trainer (holbrookdogs.com). She
has trained many dogs in obedience & agility. Our chihuahuas have earned
titles in AKC conformation, AKC & CPE agility, & AKC rally-obedience.  Our
chihuahuas participate in therapy work as well.
John, Kell (holding Violet), Nathan, Isabel, Lori (holding
Braveheart), Helen, and baby Matthias together for Christmas 2016